Scobbiscombe Farm Produce

Wilf & Shoiya have a freezer full of of LAMB and BEEF from animals that have been out grazing in the fields at Scobbiscombe as well as home reared SAUSAGES, BACON AND HAMS.  No Christmas lunch in Kingston would be without a bronze free range  Walters Christmas Turkey , traditionally reared and prepared in the time honoured way to give a moist, flavoursome meat. Walters Turkeys meet the Golden Promise standard with welfare a top priority.
For further information or to order please ring the Walters family at Scobbiscombe Farm, Kingston. 01548 810259, go online at or drop into the Tuesday Morning Market held in the Reading Room between 10-12noon. Potatoes and eggs also available.

01548 810259

Scobiscombe Farm, KIngston