Kingston Events Group. KEG.

Contact Hayley Jones on 01548 810748. and on Facebook.

K.E.G provides a variety of events on a regular basis in order to bring together all members of the community, for example: the Annual Fun Day, a musical event, a New Year’s party and a quiz. Potential future events could be race nights, beetle drives, casino evenings – we welcome suggestions! KEGS events usually welcome children and a children’s room is available. The monies taken are being put in a kitty to help provide for the next events, with the Fun Day being the main outgoing. Hopefully, by keeping the kitty in good shape we will be able to keep the entry fees to an affordable price for all to enjoy. If anyone has any new ideas for get-togethers, they would be welcomed and encouraged by the group. We like to keep everyone updated on the upcoming events through the Newsletter, posters, signs and also on Facebook.