Midsummer pub stroll

13th June 2021 | 11am - 8pm

Join us for a  sociable stroll around the neighbouring parishes investigating the ales offered at the pubs and bars on the way. Distance about 9miles and Eight pints! Join in or drop out where you like.

start from Peters Pond (Fire station) at 11am. The route is then up to Rock Cottages, down to Walkspool, Okenbury, through Grove, past the remains of Nodden Mill, up over to Belle View, Ringmore Church then 1st stop at the Journeys End. Out to Toby point, drop down to Challaborough 2nd stop Waterfront Bar. Up Challaborough hill to Bigbury On Sea, across to Burgh Island 3rd stop Pilchard Inn. Back across to the main land, up Parker road for the 4th stop at the Golf Club. Meander back down through Bigbury Village then to St Ann’s Chapel, 5th Stop The Pickwick Inn. Back down to Marwell cross, Fairoak and up Okenbury hill to Kingston for the 6th and final stop of the day at the Dolphin.



Fire Station, Bottom Cross Kingston.