Sue Green, the Parish Clerk, is always happy to hear from anyone wanting information on the village and the surrounding area. She administers the Parish Council’s affairs – all Council business should thus be initially routed through her. Tel 01548 810270.  Email:

Please note that complaints about local issues as holes in the road, graffiti, fly tipping, flooding etc should be reported using the website, you will be able to pinpoint the problem on a map and your personal details will not be publicised without your permission.

Your Councillors
From May 7th 2015 Kingston Parish Council  has four Councillors, elected unopposed.Three more have been co-opted  Councillors meet monthly, apart from August and December, on the third Thursday at 19.30h. in the Reading Room (see Community Amenities).

Eve White,Chair 01548 810289
Mervyn Freeman,      Deputy Chair 01548 810070
Heather Summer  01548


Hayley Jones 01548 810896
Alison Lewis 01548 811234
Sally Richardson 01548 810195
Flo Watts 01548 810019

Rufus Gilbert  Devon County Councillor

Beth Huntley ( South Hams District Councillor

attend meetings and take an active interest in parish affairs.

Comments or Complaints
Any comments or complaints about the work of the Parish Council should initially be referred to the Chairman or the Parish Clerk, see contact details above. Where relevant, the Parish Council will handle complaints in accordance with NALC guidelines.

General Enquiries

+44 (0) 1548 810270

Old Stack, 1 Chapel Row
Kingston, TQ7 4PJ