Save our Fire Station

The consultation is now closed, a decsion  will be taken at the meeting of the fire authority on 10th January 2020.

The Mercedes fire engine, which was designed and built by DSFRS specifically for rural fire fighting dates from 1996, the conversion was undertaken ” in house” and it was first used here at Kingston on 9th Dec 1998.
It does have a front mounted winch but would not be used for rescue of persons due to certification, it is used for vehicle stabilisation at Road traffic incidents.

Kingston is in an isolated area served by very narrow roads where local knowledge is most important.

b) Kingston received 22 callouts last year. 12 were within the parish, the other ten were to adjoining parishes not readily accessible from elsewhere.

c) Kingston has a small fire engine able to negotiate narrow roads; it also has a front mounted electric winch that has proved its worth over the 21 years in service at Kingston this Mercedes appliance although 23 years oldhas plenty of life left and does not need replacing. The statement that over £300K is needed for a new appliance is nonsense.

d) The statement that locations currently served by Kingston could all be accessed from elsewhere within 15 minutes after receiving the call is simply not true. The distances in miles relating to Kingston shown on your website are not the sensible road distances – they appear to be as the crow flies. Even if they refer to the shortest possible routes they are not the ones used by most locals using cars let alone a fire engine.
Using AA route planner we have found the following distances between Kingston Fire Station and our neighbouring stations.
Modbury Fire Station to Kingston Fire Station: 4.8 miles. (against 3.67 miles quoted).
Kingsbridge Fire Station to Kingston Fire Station 10.3 miles. (against 7.7 miles quoted).
Ivybridge Fire Station to Kingston Fire Station: 9 miles (against 7.2 miles quoted).
e) The running cost of Kingston Fire Station is extremely low as the building is leasehold at a nominal rent of £2 per annum, it has a team of 4 fire fighters, not 12 as quoted on your station profile,