The Kingston Neighbourhood Plan Task Group is developing a Neighbourhood Development Plan for 2014-34. Much more information, meeting minutes and supporting documentation is available on the dedicated website at:

Current live planning applications are set out below

you may comment on the applications by visiting the South Hams District Council website, clicking on planning then click search for planning application.

There are two active planing applications in the parish at the moment.

1944/18/FUL for a detached dwelling, land near Higher Gabberwell House, For Mr & Mrs Pearson

4171/19/FUL For demolition and replacement dormer bungalow at Trefach, For Mr Matthew Walters.


3126/19/FUL For a detached bungalow at Gabberwell for Martin & Heather Freeman, although supported by the parish council this was refused for the following reasons.

1. Policy TTV26 seeks to protect the special characteristics and role of the countryside The proposed dwelling is located in the countryside, with no agricultural, forestry or other essential occupational need, and would therefore be harmful to the special characteristics and role of the countryside, contrary to the policy. 2. The proposed dwelling is located within the area designated as South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and given the great weight to be applied to that designation the proposal, in terms of its location, design and potential prominence would not conserve or enhance the natural landscape beauty of the designated area, contrary to policy DEV25 and the NPPF para. 172. 3. The design of the dwelling has failed to acknowledge local vernacular in terms of its form, design or use of materials which is contrary to policy DEV20 in the Plymouth and South West Devon Joint Local Plan and para 127 in the NPPF 2019. Key issues for consideration: Location of dwelling; highways; residential amenity; local housing need.

This sets a precedent for future development.